Being based in Southern California, we’re no strangers to coastline views and pretty skies. Or, so we thought. Hailing all the way from South Africa, this F22 shows us incredible views of what Cape Town has to offer. From hilly coasts to urban environments, we get a fantastic look into this beautiful city.

Not to be outdone by the scenery, @mo_sdstudios set up his vehicle to be very tastefully done. With a solid suspension drop and classy aero mods, this vehicle looks much sportier than stock while retaining all the aesthetic appeal of the original design. By enlisting the help of our friends over at Rennzport, he was able to add the coup de grâce to the whole ensemble, the VMR V802.

The V802 is our most recently launched flow formed design. Sporting a full face design with opposing angles on every spoke, we were able to create something multidimensional and intriguing. Pairing this design with our new Matte Bronze factory finish gives off a contrast against Jet Black that makes it hard to look away. We knew that none of this would matter if the wheel was heavy, so we engineered it with our cutting-edge flow formed technology to keep the weight down as low as possible.

 A big thanks goes out to @rennzport and @mo_sdstudios for the support.