With 400 horses and all-wheel drive, the Audi RS3 is a performance monster in a compact car package. Large angular vents, a straked diffuser, and distinctive silver trim, the RS3 sets itself apart from the run of the mill A3; from just a glance, you know this car means business.

But it takes more than that to satisfy the demanding enthusiast, who’s always keen to build the perfect car; that’s where we come in. With the factory wheels on the RS3 erring more towards parking lot than race track, we found our V804 to be the perfect solution in injecting the last bits of sportiness to the car.

Fitted in 19” finished in Hyper Silver, this set of V804’s adds an additional element of silver to match the RS3’s signature trim. With its split-5-spoke design with milled cuts and pockets, the V804 conveys the performance that the factory wheels just can’t.

The looks doesn’t just drop jaws though, it can drops times too. The V804 is constructed via a flow-forming process, making it one of the lightest wheels in our collection. To compare, an OEM 19” Audi wheel can weigh nearly 30 pounds, while our V804 in 19” on the other hand tips the scales at 21 pounds, that means a difference of 9lbs worth of unsprung weight saved in each corner; a mod that adds more to the dynamic handling characteristics already present on the RS3.

Light, stylish, and strong, the Audi RS3 equipped with the VMR V804 means performance you can see AND feel.