About Us

The best way to describe VMR Wheels is that we’re a group of enthusiasts who get excited about helping other enthusiasts out with their builds. Whether it be designing and engineering new wheels, figuring out the perfect fitment, or picking out the best wheels to complement a customer’s mod list, our staff is dedicated to making sure there’s something for everyone.


We’re constantly looking at design trends and interacting with fellow enthusiasts so that we can make the most informed decisions when actualizing any style, finish, or fitment from concept to reality.


Our philosophy is that the best fitting wheel is one that doesn’t require any additional accessories or hardware for installation. This is why we engineer each wheel to be installed just like an OEM wheel, but have all the weight saving and styling benefits of an aftermarket wheel.


VMR wheels are manufactured in ISO-9001:2000 certified facilities, with a portion of the manufacturing and final finishing being performed here in Southern California.


As a wheel brand, we take pride in our craft. From the luster of our finishes to the details in every spoke, we leave no stone unturned. Our Haas CNC machine allows us to precisely machine the wheels to exact specifications, leaving nothing to guesswork.